Virtual Intercultural Circle

An online Intercultural Dialogue that supports

change makers, community builders, cultural connectors

and locals leaders to tackle global issues and propel local action.


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The Virtual Intercultural Circle

Now, more than ever, there is a need to create and grow our connections. The Virtual Intercultural Circle is a virtual platform to hold dialogues on global issues, raise and engage in different perspectives and support each other in taking action that is mindful of cultural nuances and preferences. This is a platform where we take back our power and take action to create a better environment for us and the future generation.

The Virtual Intercultural Circle is offered as a safe space to share the global and local issues that matter us, to deeply listen to others, to learn of the diverse perspectives and provide support to each other where possible. 

Grow with Circles

Circle is a process where a group of people share their personal experiences, discover differences and explore similarities with each other. Circles are found in many cultures and is used as a community tradition to tell stories, share wisdom and solve problems together. 

The Circle process provides a practical way to develop Intercultural Competence in a holistic way by engaging the head (thinking), heart (emotional) and hand (behaviours).

With technological advancement, Circles are no longer limited to a specific location or community. Rather, it opens up the opportunity for people of different background to share their experiences, to learn about themselves and from the global community. 

Upcoming Circles 

Join our Virtual Intercultural Circle by registering below. Participants will be charged a minimal fee to support the operating and administrative cost. Those whom have joined the circle will be invited to join our online community channel to continue the dialogue. 

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Current Theme

Post-COVID19 World

For the first time in human history, we are all experiencing a global crisis simultaneously. Travel has stopped. Borders are closed. Business are struggling. People stay home.

People are anxious, scared, isolated, lonely and insecure. Many are concerned about their loved ones and their future. There are talks of an unprecedented economic recession that may impact all levels of society, regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality and status.

While we cannot meet each other, we are still connected. When we connect, there is much we can do together.

This is a wonderful opportunity to reset and rebuild our world of greater connectedness, collaboration and peace. But we need to figure out…

What are the building blocks that are needed to create this world? Where do we start?

The Community

12 June 2020, 5:00pm – 6:30pm (GMT +8), Online

Hear stories of how different communities are coping with the pandemic and how they have changed.  



The Future

26 June 2020, 5:00pm – 6:30pm (GMT +8), Online

Share your vision of the future and the actions needed to cultivate a more resilience community. 

Register here

I enjoyed connecting with people from different countries who share a love for dialogue. And learning their perspectives. It was inspiring!

Vadivu Govind

Director, Human Unlimited

I’m grateful for the initiative Ling Ling Tai established to link global interculturalists in times of trouble like these Post-COVID now. As a facilitator she was receptive and humble. It created space for interculturalists to contribute and share openly. She is a good listener.

Jereon Jansen

Cultural Intelligence Trainer, CQ Trainer

The Intercultural Circle was such an inspiring space that connected me with other people around the globe. Despite seemingly different cultural perspectives and lifestyles, we shared a lot of things in common, especially our hope for a better world. I realized that no matter how difficult the situation we all have; no one is left alone. This sharing space boosted up my confidence to take me further and better leaps in life.

Jay Kornnatt Surapat

Principal Facilitator, Transformagent Academy


What is a Virtual Intercultural Circle?

Circles are one of the oldest form of human interaction and learning. Traditionally, it is used to share wisdom, discuss challenging issues and unite communities. A Circle is a safe space for people to share, connect and support each other. It is a space where we listen deeply, without judgement and maintain our confidentiality.

With this, we are taking the essence of Circles and bringing this online… with a mission to tackle global issues and support local action with the engagement of the international community. 

To learn more about circles and its history, click here.

Did you know we support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals?

The Virtual Intercultural Circles is an initiative that supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

By participating and supporting the Virtual Intercultural Circles, we are also achieving the following goals:

1. Sustainable Cities and Communities – The circles is where we can discuss, share experiences and concerns of the cities and communities we live in… it is also where we support participants to take action for a sustainable future.

2. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions – The circles help to create awareness, build connections and kick start actions to ensure everyone has access to justice, and build effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

3. Global Partnerships – The circles help to cultivate global partnerships where there was none before and revitalise our community to Sustainable Development.

Why do I need to pay?

The Virtual Circle is place where we support each other in our mission to create a better world. A great way to start… is to support the facilitators in putting together and maintaining the virtual intercultural circles.

The minimal fee is directed towards the operational and administrative costs for current and future virtual circles. Your contribution will be a great encouragement to facilitators whom have put in the time and effort to support the running of this circle.

What happens after a Circle Session?

Circle participants who would like to continue the conversation after a circle session will be invited to join an online community. This online community is exclusive to those who have participated in at least 1 circle session. 

The online community is hosted on a platform called Twist

Can we run the circles in my company/organisation/team?

Of course you can! 😊

Drop us a note and we’ll bring the Virtual Intercultural Circles to you. 🥳

I love Virtual Intercultural Circles… Can I volunteer to be a facilitator?

Of course you can! We welcome volunteers who are passionate about helping to solve global issues, supporting others in achieving them and any helping hand to keep the virtual circles going. Drop us a note and let’s get connected.