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Why Professional Speaking?

For any business to succeed, we need to appreciate and value your greatest assets… your people. But what happens when cultural differences hinder your organisation’s progress? 

Effective global leadership as well as the ability to connect and collaborate with people of culturally-diverse background is the key to global business success. Why not inspire your people to greater global heights?

Culture Spark Global delivers professional speeches for seminars, conferences, conventions and other events in either public or private settings. With our professional speaking, we aim to:

  • Inspire – your audience to the world of possibilities
  • Focus – on essential intercultural skills to propel your audience to global success
  • Empower – to ensure the success of your audience in the world’s stage

Sample Topics

Professional Speaking Topics can be customised for your audience and event needs. Here are some sample topics.

Crossing Cultures: Adapt, Gain Confidence and Stand Out

Going Global: Prepare for the Global Arena

Journey to the West: Surviving Culture Shock and Thrive

Transforming Cultural Barriers into Opportunities

Cultivating Cultural Awareness: Self and Others


If you don’t give people information, they make up something to fill the void.
Carla O’Dell

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