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To stay relevant and competitive, your leaders and teams need the capability to adapt and thrive in an uncertain and ever-changing times. With a culturally-prepared workforce, your organisation is able to tap into markets and attract talents from all over the world. 

At Culture Spark Global, we support your learning and development needs to help you achieve your intercultural goals.

What is an Interculturalist?

Globalisation has become part of modern life. It is important to be culturally appropriate in communicating to other multinationals and be adaptable to certain changes in environment. Culturally prepared workforces are more likely to contribute creative innovations and varied experiential ideas. 

According to SHRM Foundation report, “The boost in global trade and the expansion of transnational companies have resulted in cross-cultural workforces.”

An Interculturalist helps your organisation to assess current progress in diversity, intercultural effectiveness, cultural intelligence as well as develop a strategic plan for your workforce to be globally-ready. 

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Our Core Focus

Your people matters. Developing their competence to tackle  the world requires ample preparation. We focus on 3 core areas.

  • Effective Collaboration Across Cultures
  • Cultivate High Performing Teams
  • Develop Inclusive Leadership

These focus areas are supported by our suite of programmes. 

Our Specialties

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Country-specific training for Singapore & Malaysia

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Values

Diversity & Inclusion

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Competence

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Our Approach

Blended Programmes

Learning is not a one time event. Blended programmes are designed to take your audience on a life-changing learning journey. We combine the latest educational technology with effective facilitation methods to get maximum results.


Webinars are bite-sized classroom sessions that take place entirely online! Cost-effective method of reaching your geographically dispersed audience while ensuring learning takes place together.

Virtual Workshops

Our workshops are interactive, fun-filled and customisable to your needs. We incorporate meaningful knowledge, impactful activities and memorable experiences, so that your audience is ready to take action. 

Our cultural strength has always been derived from our diversity of understanding and experience.
Yo Yo Ma


What is not measured, cannot be improved. 

When you know where you are today, your path towards your goals will be clearer.

With our cultural assessment tools, you’ll discover your cultural strengths and the steps needed to move along your development journey.

Cultural Values

Discover your cultural values and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your team. 

Cultural Intelligence

Learn about what it takes to be adaptable in culturally-diverse situations.

You have two hands. One to help yourself, the second to help others.

Audrey Hepburn

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