Micro-lessons are short bursts of learning that are self-directed, modular, and practical. Ideal for busy talents and leaders.

Micro-lessons are online and concise learning, designed for busy talents and leaders. Micro-lessons are self-directed, modular, personalised, practical and accessible 24/7. Search micro-lesson based on

Skills: Intrapersonal / Interpersonal / Intergroup / Psychological /  Sociocultural

Themes: Stress Management / Learning

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Mindfulness: A Powerful And Inexpensive Antidote to Manage Stress
Keeping the mind in the present seems like an impossible task. But it can be done. This practice is called mindfulness.
Stress: The never-ending challenge of life
Stress is an inevitable part of life. You cannot avoid stress, but you can take steps to manage it.
Mastering Micro-Lessons
Micro-lessons come from the increasingly popular learning technique called micro-learning, a skill-based approach in small chunks.
Identify Signs of Stress
While a little stress can be good, it can affect your mind and body if left unchecked. The critical step in managing stress is learning to identify it as soon as it arises.
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