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Our Approach

What is an Interculturalist?

Globalisation has become part of modern life. It is important to be culturally appropriate in communicating to other multinationals and be adaptable to certain changes in environment. Culturally prepared workforces are more likely to contribute creative innovations and varied experiential ideas. 

According to SHRM Foundation report, “The boost in global trade and the expansion of transnational companies have resulted in cross-cultural workforces.”

An Interculturalist helps your organisation to assess current progress in diversity, intercultural effectiveness, cultural intelligence as well as develop a strategic plan for be globally-ready. 

Our Consulting Process

Our simple 5 step process will help prepare your leaders and upskill your teams to better navigate and compete in this globalised world. 

  • Discover – your current cultural organisational state
  • Design – a globally integrated organisational flow
  • Develop – a company culture that reflects commonalities
  • Deliver – successful initiatives in different range of locations
  • Decide – on the next steps in moving towards your goal

Our Assessment Tools

10 Cultural Values

In an increasingly borderless world, opportunities are endless. Global expansion of your organisation is much easier than before. With that, the opportunities for cultural interaction has become inevitable, to identify your cultural values as an organisation.


Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence is the ability to relate and work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds. The CQ Assessment helps develop your ability to navigate and adapt culturally diverse situations.  

Global Team Assessment

Virtual teams are made up of people based in various locations. The biggest benefits are that companies are able to access talent across the world, open doors to their desired market and save costs.

Global Competencies Inventory

Describing the nature of your virtual workforce and recognising the limitations of virtual communication. Identifying potential cultural challenges and its opportunities in the virtual space and to explore strategies and development plans for continuous building of virtual teams.


Our cultural strength has always been derived from our diversity of understanding and experience.
Yo Yo Ma

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