Culture Spark Global (CSG) is an online learning platform that empowers talents and leaders to connect across cultures, discover diversity, innovate inclusion and strive for social justice with inspirational and actionable learning.

Ling Ling, Tai
Ling Ling, Tai

Lisbon, Portugal



Culture Spark Global (CSG)'s mission is to empower talents and leaders to cultivate inclusive and compassionate communities with inspirational and actionable learning.


Our vision is to grow and develop diverse, empathetic and highly-skilled talents and leaders at every level of society who can effectively solve sociocultural problems, bridge cultural differences, cultivate inclusion, elevate humanity and make our world a better place for all.

What are micro-courses?

Micro-courses are online, short and concise learning. Each micro-course can range from 10 to 30 minutes. The benefits of micro-courses are

  • Evidence-based. Micro-courses are backed by scientific research.
  • Self-directed. Learners are empowered to take charge of their learning based on their interest and time! 💪
  • Modular. Learners can select the most relevant courses and focus on one learning objective at a time.
  • Practical. Each micro-course comes with activities and worksheets that guide learners to put knowledge into action immediately.
  • Personalised. Choose micro-courses based on your current needs and previous experiences rather than wasting hours/days/weeks in workshops to learn the one or two topics you are most interested in.
  • On-demand. Learners have access to the platform with 24/7 access and no longer need to struggle with conflicting schedules or different time zones.

Who are the learners?

CSG is a platform for learners to expand their knowledge and skills in solving sociocultural problems, bridging cultural differences, as well as cultivating inclusion and compassion in their communities or organisations.

Learners can be people from all levels of society. They can come from communities and organisations of various sizes and fields who believe in life-long learning and are strongly motivated to pursue personal growth. They can be trainers, facilitators, interpreters, educators, DEI professionals, HR professionals, and workplace or community leaders. Generally, learners constantly find ways to improve the quality of life for the people in their communities and organisations.

Do you offer workshops?

Want something longer? We also offer virtual workshops! If you would like more details, you can access our latest Course Guide here.

Want a customised programme? Reach out, and we'll discuss how to tailor our workshops to fit your needs.

Who is Ling Ling?

I'm an intercultural psychologist, a seasoned learning and development professional, and a former electronics engineer. I come alive when discovering diverse perspectives and illuminating insights within others. Also, I deeply care about connecting with diverse people, exploring the richness of life, and spreading compassion.

Since 2005, I have designed, developed and facilitated various corporate programmes in technology, travel and humanitarianism for audiences across four continents. In 2017, I founded Culture Spark Global, a learning company focused on empowering talents and leaders in cultivating inclusive and compassionate communities.

Also, I graduated with a Master of Psychology in Intercultural Relations and am a PhD candidate with ISCTE-IUL, a Master of Science in Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire and in engineering from Multimedia University. Also, I'm an active member of the International Council of Psychologists (ICP) and the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP).

In my spare time, I regularly practice Vipassana meditation, Ashtanga yoga and learning Portuguese. Having lived in 8 countries, I now live in warm and sunny Portugal. You'll be able to learn more about what I do here. If you want to have some coffee or say "hi!" connect with me on LinkedIn or drop me a note.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this platform for?

CSG is designed for talents and leaders whose work or mission involves interacting with people from diverse backgrounds, helping to bridge cultural differences and fostering a psychologically safe and inclusive environment. Also, CSG aims to increase awareness of human rights and social justice.

CSG is designed for people with a prominent role in promoting, influencing and implementing diversity, equity/equality, inclusion and belonging in their workplaces, organisations and communities. This includes people who are trainers, facilitators, interpreters, educators, DEI professionals, HR professionals, and workplace or community leaders.

What are micro-courses?

Micro-courses are online, short and concise learning. Each micro-course can range from 10 to 30 minutes and be completed in your own time.

What are the benefits of micro-courses?

Micro-courses are designed to be short and concise, allowing learners to pick specific topics rather than consuming large amounts of information that will be forgotten later. Each micro-course comes with an activity or worksheet, which allows learners to put learning into practice immediately. Learners determine their own learning and choose micro-courses which are most relevant to them.

How can I access the micro-courses?

You can access micro-courses through a paid subscription. If you want to have a peak, sign up for the monthly subscription. If you want to support CSG in creating more micro-courses, please consider subscribing to an annual plan. Unfortunately, we do not process refunds.

I'd like to make a comment or ask a question. How can I do this?

You can only make comments or ask questions when you sign up to be either a free or paid member. To sign up, click here.

Are micro-courses accredited?

CSG micro-courses are for your own learning and personal development. They are not accredited.

Your micro-courses rock! How can I support you?

Thanks for your encouragement! 😊 There are a few ways you can provide support.

  • If you're not yet a member, every paid subscription will help me continue creating more micro-courses.
  • If you're already a member, I'd love to hear your suggestions on improving this platform and ideas for micro-courses.
  • If you know an amazing talent or leader doing impactful work cultivating inclusion and compassion, please recommend them so I can feature them in our blog.
  • Please share this platform with other talents, leaders and those who enjoy short bursts of learning and inspiration.

Thank you so much for being here. See you around soon! ✨

Great! How can I sign up?

Signing up is easy! Head over to our membership portal and select your membership type. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.