About Culture Spark Global

About Culture Spark Global
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Culture Spark Global is a learning company focused on developing psychological and sociocultural skills to enhance the well-being of talents, leaders and teams. Our mission is to cultivate inclusive and compassionate communities through courses, content and community.

Our Values

  1. Collaboration - We explore and discover what works best for you.
  2. Compassion - We are deeply aware of suffering and constantly strive to alleviate it everywhere.
  3. Inclusion - We strive to ensure that everyone is included. No one is left behind.
  4. Sustainability - We strive to leave the world a better place for the future generation.

Our Approach

Our strength is in translating complex issues into learnable concepts and memorable experiences. With a facilitative and humane approach, we help to uncover and discover underlying forces to help you make informed decisions and take meaningful action. Whether it’s a small or big group, in one or multiple locations, we are flexible and adapt our programmes to keep your mind at ease.

Meet the Founder: Ling Ling, Tai

Ling Ling of Culture Spark Global

Ling Ling is a social and cultural psychologist and a seasoned learning and development professional. Her multi-faceted background in psychology and engineering helps bridge the complexities of human behaviour and the fast-paced changes of technology in a globalised world.

Originally from Malaysia, she has lived/studied/worked in 8 countries. Her multicultural/country experiences enabled her to reach out to audiences across four continents in technology, travel and humanitarianism. Currently, she is based in warm and sunny Portugal.

Her mission is to support people in broadening their minds, opening their hands and softening their hearts. She believes that cultivating inclusion and compassion can help workplaces and communities to thrive and become sustainable.

Academically, Ling Ling pursued a B.Eng in Electronics in Malaysia, an M.Sc in Psychology in the UK and an M.Psy in Intercultural Relations in Portugal. She is a certified Cultural Intelligence Professional with the CQ Centre and a certified Intercultural Dialogue Facilitator with Soliya. Also, she is a member of

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Culture Spark Global Services


Our courses aim to develop the psychological and sociocultural skills essential in cultivating inclusive and compassionate workplaces and communities. Courses are available in various formats, such as in-person and virtual workshops and in e-learning. Our courses include:

  • Managing Stress with Mindfulness
  • Psychological First Aid 101
  • Developing Empathetic & Supportive Communication
  • Make Unconscious Bias Conscious
  • Cultural Intelligence Essentials
  • Discover Your Cultural Values

For more details, access our latest Course Guide here. Or reserve your spot in our public workshops here.

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What People Say

Kind commentary from previous participants for Culture Spark Global
Ling Ling's presentation was to-the-point enlightening yet allowing time for learners to bounce off their personal opinions on certain topics without disrupting the class. ~ Brand Manager
Ling Ling is very passionate about her work and cares about the people she is training; sharing experiences and learning from them. She helps to connect everyone on the team and is well aware that people have different styles and adapts accordingly. Overall, an engaging individual. ~ Global HR Professional
Ling Ling excels at providing engaging and thought-provoking training. She is very knowledgeable in the subjects she covers and always finds creative ways to encourage participants to learn by doing. An absolute pleasure to work with! ~ Regional Marketing Manager


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