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Organisations around the world are having to face an ever-changing and increasingly fast-paced world. You may wonder…

How can you leverage diversity as an organisational advantage? How can your diverse employees better collaborate with each other? Are our leaders ready to lead globally?

Whether its improving communication or team work among your diverse workforce or equipping your leaders to manage multicultural teams, you need to prepare your people to be resilient, adaptable and ready to take on the world! 


Future Proof Your Organisation by Culture Spark Global

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At Culture Spark Global, we support individuals and organisations thrive in an increasingly diverse and globalised workplace. We believe that an inclusive organisation culture can bring about greater creativity, innovation, positivity and progress.

Cultural Assessments

You cannot change, what you cannot measure. Find out more about your organisation’s culture.

Programmes for Organisations

We organise in-house blended programmes, customised to your specific needs.

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What Others Say

Ling Ling’s presentation was to-the-point enlightening yet allowing time for learners to bounce off their personal opinions on certain topics without disrupting the class.

Brand Manager

Ling Ling is very passionate about her work and cares about the people she is training; sharing experiences and learning from them. She helps to connect everyone in the team and is well aware that people have different styles and adapts accordingly. Overall, an engaging individual!!

Global HR Professional

Ling Ling excels at providing engaging and thought-provoking training. She is very knowledgeable in the subjects she covers and always finds creative ways to encourage participants to learn by doing. An absolute pleasure to work with!

Regional Marketing Manager

Culture does not make people.

People make culture.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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