CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE (CQ) Success in the 21st Century

We cannot escape from interacting with others from diverse backgrounds, be it in our classrooms, workplace and in our day-to-day.In 2015, there are approximately 7.3 BILLION people in the world. In 2050, the world will be ever more crowded with a global population of 9.7 BILLION people (projected by UNCTAD)!

The Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) programme provides you with the right capabilities to achieve your goals, build culturally-diverse relationships and adapt to different environments .

51% of respondents cite differences in cultural traditions as the greatest threats to the smooth functioning of cross-border relationships.

Racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams by 35%

90% believe that if cross-border communication were to improve at their company, then profit, revenue and market share would all improve as well.


Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capability to function effectively in a variety of cultural environments, including national, ethnic, organsational, functional, generational and many others. CQ is a set of skills needed to successfully and respectfully accomplish your objectives in different cultural environments.


CQ predicts your readiness in working and relating with people from different cultural backgrounds. The higher your CQ, the more likely you will gain new opportunities, earn higher wages, and experience success working in today’s diverse, globalized world.
  • CQ Drive 100% 100%
  • CQ Knowledge 80% 80%
  • CQ Strategy 25% 25%
  • CQ Action 10% 10%


  • Increased self-awareness of the effects of culture upon one’s role
  • Gain insight in the values that underpins any culture and how to use them to your advantage
  • Navigate cultural differences, challenges and complexities
  • Develop your CQ for any cultural situation
  • Harness the CQ framework in preparing and strategising for your cultural challenge

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  • Leaders & Managers
  • Business Development & Marketers
  • Trainers & Facilitators
  • Expatriates & Repatriates
  • Individuals passionate about learning and culture


  • Why does culture matter? Gain insight on how culture influences our daily work and life
  • What are your cultural values and identity? Recognise how cultural values and our identity impact our interactions and perception
  • What is Cultural Intelligence? CQ can help you optimise your culturally-diverse relationships and environments
  • How can we use the 4 CQ Capabilities to achieve our goals?
  • Creating your CQ Development Plan. Knowledge is becomes wisdom, when action is taken

The desire to treat other people with honor and respect doesn’t automatically mean our behavior comes across as dignifying and kind. There are various adaptations necessary in order to ensure people experience respect and honor from us.

David Livermore


1 Day Workshop

This is a full-day interactive workshop based on academically-validated research and real-life case studies. The workshop also includes individual CQ report, classroom activities, group discussion, self-reflection and a personal development plan.

An in-house program is available and can be complemented with group coaching and multi-rater CQ assessment.


This program can be customised to your specific industry or profession. For example, preparing sales professionals to venture into foreign markets, coaching leaders to pitch to a foreign investor.


CQ is critical for navigating today’s increasingly global and diverse business environment…the good news is it’s entirely learned. It’s so important that we made it one of our core behaviours at PwC.

Robert Moritz, PwC Chairman

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